65 Things A Private Investigator Can Do For You

Private investigators bring to the profession a huge amount of knowledge and vast experience. There are a number of tasks that a private investigator can do for individuals or companies. Some are common and some are not. With the right expertise, the list of things a private investigator can do is almost endless. 

For example, a private investigator can:

1. Locate inheritance property.
2. Locate a person.
3. Find NRC number.
4. Verify NRC number.
5. Verify insurance claim.
6. Find the source of counterfeit goods.
7. Verify business information of a potential business partner.
8. Trace movement of a cheating spouse.
9. Find driver’s license details.
10. Locate traffic records.
11. Find a date of birth.
12. Find out who’s calling you.
13. Dig into someone’s background.
14. Screen your potential tenants.
15. Run a credit report.
16. Find credit history.
17. Find hidden Facebook pictures.
18. Reverse search an image.
19. Find out when and where a picture was taken.
20. Look up past employment.
21. Verify current employment.
22. Find the owner of a vehicle.
23. Run license plates.
24. Find criminal records.
25. Find civil court records.
26. Research legal filings.
27. Discover bankruptcy filings.
28. Find speeding tickets and traffic citations.
29. Locate sexual offenders.
30. Find a current address.
31. Find property and deed information.
32. Locate assets.
33. Tail a surveillance target without them knowing.
34. Make sure employees are not stealing from you.
35. Find automobile accident information.
36. Serve a summon.
37. Find witnesses.
38. Find workers’ compensation torts.
39. Find police reports.
40. Gather witness statements.
41. Conduct interviews.
42. Find out if an on-the-job injury was legitimate.
43. Conduct stationary surveillance.
44. Help you retain custody of your child.
45. Know when someone opens your emails.
46. Know when someone is tracking your email.
47. Make sure your spouse or fiancé/fiancée is who they say they are.
48. Locate divorce records.
49. Locate marriage records.
50. Help install surveillance cameras.
51. Develop a security plan for your home or business.
52. Conduct undercover operations.
53. Find a business’s credit history.
54. Give witness testimony.
55. Find property owners.
56. Speak to previous landlords.
57. Find prison records.
58. Find the phone numbers at an address.
59. Find death records.
60. Find birth records.
61. Find property records.
62. Find business assets.
63. Find business relationships.
64. Locate corporate filings.
65. Conduct due diligence investigation.

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