The answer is YES and NO.

Yes, if the investigation is within the law. No, if the investigation involves committing a crime.
We abide by the laws of the Republic of Zambia.

Before answering this question, we would like to point out that VDK Private investigators and Detectives is an independent, non-political investigation firm. We are not aligned to any
political party.

To conduct political related investigations and analysis. One of such cases require us to get
on the ground and analyze whether a particular candidate stands a chance of winning an
election.What are the people or the voters saying and we give that information as it is.

Our investigators are well versed in electoral investigations and analysis public opinion
gathering, background check, opponent analysis and estimation, voting patterns, etc.

It is always a political game changer as the information and analysis provides the campaign team with reality information to formulate election strategy based on facts.

VDK is the leading private investigation firm based in Lusaka, Zambia. We handle a variety of
cases such as (corporate and individual), matrimonial, juvenile delinquency, fraud, due diligence, background
check, etc. on behalf of our clients.

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