Our private investigation work involves twists and turns. Suspense. Excitement. Late nights. The
unexpected. And everything in between.

When gathering evidence, it is not always possible to foresee where it will lead to. A case we
received in November 2018 is a good example of a case where our diligent investigators
uncovered what was not expected at all.

Note that we enter into privacy and confidentiality agreement with our clients. So key facts,
dates, names, places, etc. will NEVER be revealed on this page. Key details will ALWAYS be
changed to hide and protect the identity of our clients.

So, a client approached us suspecting that the spouse of many years was cheating. From
our extensive experience in these types of case, we estimated that the case was going to be
concluded in 14 days.

However, it turned out to be one of those cases that take longer than expected.
The suspicion was based on the spouse’s sudden and unusual habit of hiding the phone. This
unusual habit in their relationship left the spouse with too many unanswered questions. The spouse had no
other option but to engage the service of VDK Private Detectives and Investigators.

Wanting to prove the suspicion with hard evidence such as photos, videos, identity of
person/s involved with in extra-marital affairs, etc.

We hit the ground using a variety of time-tested investigation techniques and came across a
series of shocking facts.

The spouse’s real character is not the one that is known by the public or is not what is
portrayed to be.Its a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The truth we uncovered was completely unexpected. The evidence we gathered ended up
being too painful emotionally, mentally and psychologically for even our client to handle
without going into a serious health crisis.

Based on our training and principles, VDK decided to withhold the evidence despite our client’s
deep desire to know the truth.

After intense internal discussion, VDK has decided to engage relevant NGOs and
agencies to find the best possible way to handle the situation based on the evidence
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