In order to achieve a fair financial settlement in a divorce, the court needs to have all the facts at
hand regarding the financial circumstances of the family.

When huge amount of money and a substantial number of assets are involved, it is sometimes
difficult for a spouse to get the correct data. Here is where we come in.

1. Asset Search and Finance Tracing
This is one the hot issues in divorce proceedings where substantial number of assets and
finances are involved. In this case, VDK Private Investigators provide assistance is in
locating assets or hidden funds. A spouse may try to illegally hide assets in order to shield
them from the divorce proceedings.

There a number of fraudulent ways a spouse can hide assets or finances. For example,
they may pay off purported loans to friends and or family members who are really holding
the funds for the spouse until after the divorce. They may sell property at a discount in the
same manner, reclaiming it after the divorce hearing. They may move funds to offshore
accounts or personal property to hidden storage facilities. Or they may have acquired
property using other people’s names without the knowledge of the other spouse.
The evidence we obtain will be used by your lawyer in order to get your fair share.

2. Child Maintenance
When one spouse knows that he or she is likely to be required to pay child maintenance, he
or she may attempt to make his or her earnings look lower. He or she may collude with a
boss or business partners to delay bonuses and other financial benefits until after the
divorce. He or she may take steps to decrease the value of his/her business, such as taking
on additional debts or delaying collecting on money owed to the business.

3. Child Custody
VDK Private Investigators do assist in child custody matters. For example, if a spouse is
concerned that the child is being abused, our investigators can conduct investigations to
collect evidence of abuse.

Many child custody cases are heated and involve allegations from both sides lodged
against each other. Having a private investigator can help tilt the evidence in one direction.

A private investigator can perform a number of investigative functions to gather the
information necessary to prove the client’s claims.

A typical child custody investigation examines the child’s well-being and treatment in an
objective manner. A private investigator may assess the treatment of a child by the parents
in question and present this information to the court with a report.

During a child custody investigation, the investigator may conduct surveillance to get a
better idea of how the parent treats his or her child when he or she does not know about
any monitoring going on. Our investigators may document any instances of abuse or
neglect by taking pictures or making audio or visual recordings of the parent interacting with
the child. Some of the elements that a private investigator may try to include in his or her
surveillance include reckless driving, criminal activity, gambling, drug abuse or other
activities that may have a negative impact on the children.

Additionally, the investigator may look for any signs that the parent is not providing a safe and hygienic living space, food or necessities.


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