About Us

VDK Private Detectives and Investigators is a full-service Private Investigation Agency. We are based in Lusaka, Zambia. As a full-service Private Investigation firm, we bring you many years of combined investigative experience in corporate and personal matters.

We constantly strive to meet the needs of the general public, small businesses, corporations, the legal industry, and governmental entities. If results matter to you, then VDK is your first choice to service all your investigative needs.

From our state-of-the-art audio and video forensic lab to our expert Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure Investigators and Computer Forensic Investigators, we can meet all your investigative needs.


Our clients rest assured in the fact that their cases are being handled by seasoned investigative professionals because of many years of combined investigative experience. All of our investigators specialize in one discipline of investigative work; however, they are cross-trained in all aspects of investigations.

In our strive to be the best in the Private Investigation industry, we maintain a strict requirement when it comes to our hiring standards.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of five full time field investigators, highly qualified officers on part-time basis, a computer, audio, and video forensic expert, two office support staff, an office manager, and the Director of Investigations.

Our Director of Investigations brings many years of investigative experience to VDK Private Investigators with his law enforcement training. He has experience in Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Crimes Against Children, Parental Alienation, Crime Scene Investigations, etc.

The Director manages the caseload and maintains client relations for VDK – Private Investigators. He has investigated and overseen more than a thousand investigations in his career.


We’re in a fact-finding business where results matter. This is why VDK is focused on obtaining facts that produce results where it matters most, such as in the courtroom. Our investigations are conducted with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality and are conducted in a manner that is compliant with the Evidence, Family Law, and Civil Codes in addition to the Code of Civil Procedure and other related legislations. You can have the best evidence in the world but if it was obtained or preserved in a manner prohibited by law, it won’t be admissible in court.