Success Stories

Background Check:

By Grace (not her real name)

I hired a private investigator to check into my boyfriend.

I wanted to be sure that he was what he said he was.  I hired a private investigator and I was very pleased with the service provided.

In less than a week, I was given a complete report that was very professionally prepared and very well organized.  They knew exactly what information someone in my situation would want, and provided me with the answers I needed.  I had everything I needed to know when I read the report.

I was 100% relieved after reading the report, and felt that I could trust it completely.  I guess sometimes too good to be true turns out to be true.  Having the investigator run the check didn’t even cost all that much.  I’ve spent way more on handbags than I did to make sure that I was safe with the man I’m dating.


October Highlights:

The month of October 2018 has been an excellent month for our firm throughout in terms of cases being successfully completed in the correct manner whilst at all times adhering to the letter of the law.

We thought that it would be interesting to highlight a few cases that involved different investigation techniques to successfully gather evidence and help our clients with their concerns.

Case 1 – A male client had suspicions that his female partner was cheating on him with a fellow work colleague as she had been making lots of excuses not to see him over the weekend which was against the norm. These included visiting her poorly mother and having an early night home alone.

After conducting surveillance late at night we knew the exact time the work colleague was due to end his shift, at 14:30 in the morning we saw the female partner arriving home looking glamorous in appearance with the suspected work colleague, all the signs pointed to the pair enjoying a night out behind her partners back prior to shutting themselves away for remainder of the night.

Upon presenting this evidence our client decided to end the relationship as his suspicions had been proved true.

Case 2 – A male contacted us with concerns that his wife’s behaviour had changed dramatically and that she had become very defensive in conversation whilst also causing arguments at any given opportunity.

Due to this dramatic shift in normal behaviour the male believed that his wife may be having an affair and had extra concerns that the other man may well be an ex partner who she had previously cheated on with a former partner prior to our client raising concerns.

The wife was due to make a trip to her hometown, she was followed and observed entering a hotel. Throughout the evening we watched and saw her meet up with another male enjoying drinks, having a meal and finally walking hand in hand to a hotel room with the male.

From the imagery obtained our client identified the said male as the one who had previously cheated with the lady on another partner in the past and decided to end the relationship.

Case 3: A lawyer wanted an accomplished firm to gather hard to get evidence and conduct background checks on witnesses. With the information and data collected, he was able to file a strong defence case, cast reasonable doubt on the character and backgrounds of key witnesses. He won the case.

Case 4: An insurance company which has been getting claims from suspected fraudulent clients approached us to verify the cases. We conducted a thorough investigations and came to the verifiable conclusion that the clients were part of a criminal group targeting insurance companies.


Extensive Asset Search

By Anonymous

My grandmother died a couple months ago.  She was never the most organized woman in the world, and she’d gotten a little vague in her last years (she was 101 when she died.)  I was her executor, and, when I started going through her papers, I found chaotic records that were probably incomplete.  She’d told me things about her holdings over the years, but I couldn’t find any traces of a lot of what she’d told me about.

I’d never been an executor before, so I didn’t know what to do.  The lawyer was no help whatsoever.  I didn’t know from asset searches until a friend who’d been an executor last year told me you could hire a private investigator to look up and locate everything a person owns (or owned.)  I had to hire a private investigator and order an extensive asset search.  (The extensive part was that it included locating bank accounts.)

By the end of the week, I had a report with a lot of information I could never have found myself.  The search matched the things she’d told me, and located accounts at three banks I’d never even heard about.

So I learned that there’s such a thing as an asset search —  and found somebody good to do one at a very fair price.